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Overview- For Returning Clients (using last year’s Data)

Returning clients have the option to use the data in the system from the previous tax year, as it has already been migrated to a new 2016 Employee Census Workbook for you.  This new workbook reflects your employee status as of 12/31/15. Changes since 12/31/15 (adds, terminations, class changes) can be added directly into this workbook, eliminating the need to build a new workbook for 2016 and saving you quite a bit of time.

But before you start making updates, you need to know about the changes we’ve made to the system:

  • Health Insurance Coverage Events: Each time an employee changes health plan eligibility, we call that a “Health Insurance Coverage Event.” If employees go on/off coverage during the year, each instance is considered a new Coverage Event. Use Workbook columns T-CG to capture up to 12 additional Coverage Events per year.
  • You Now Have Direct Portal Access: You no longer need to go through your Account Manager to make updates to your Workbook. You can download, edit, and upload workbooks directly into the HCM Portal.
  • Workbook Unlocked: Your Workbook is no longer locked, allowing you to sort your data as needed.
  • New HCM Employee ID (Column E): This is a new identification number that HCM will use during the post-filing correction process, if needed. Please leave this column blank.

Now that you know what’s new, you can download your new 2016 Workbook, make your edits, and then re-upload it directly into the HCM Portal. You no longer need to go through your Account Manager to make changes to your workbook.