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Human Capital Management Solutions

Automation across HR and payroll has been a standard for several years. Recently we have seen an expansion of talent management solutions that support the life cycle of the employee from recruiting through performance and compensation management. There has also been a strong movement to the Cloud as cost of ownership and IT support and solution integration become more attractive. All of these changes require careful consideration of systems and guidance to deliver these solutions:

For both employee and time and attendance management solutions offer convenience and efficiency over a manual process. These applications improve the accuracy of how work hours are recorded and guard against abuse by employees. They also provide intelligent, real-time information which helps employees schedule their time off and for companies to better manage employee absences.

Studies have shown a direct correlation between the amounts of training an employee receives to how successful they will be in their job. HR software that supports training and education varies from basic tracking tools to solutions that deliver a training curriculum.

Addressing talent issues through performance management solutions requires careful design of duties and goals for each employee. It is also important to provide employees with ongoing and relevant feedback. Automated Performance Management tools develop and implement the complex details of employee performance requirements Performance Management Solutions may live within an HRMS platform or can be part of a free-standing system. In the end they help automate this process so employee talent is tracked to its fullest potential.

The internet now plays a pivotal role in employee recruiting. The internet has enabled companies to cost-effectively post jobs, qualify candidates and collect applications. Efficiencies in newer internet technologies have delivered equal gains inside an organization, using improved tools for screening, tracking progress of applications and scheduling interviews. These improvements enable HR to focus on recruitment and lower the number of days it takes to hire new employees.