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Engage Your Employees

HCM Engage creates impactful Web-based communication campaigns and decision support tools that launch in minutes. These campaigns measure participation and collect feedback driving overall engagement. Just login to HCM Engage and you can deliver a beautiful HR communication experience that is engaging and easy for you employees to follow. Engage offers several unique features such as health plan decision support, videos, employee surveys, health and wellness education and other interactive tool sets. These tools and resources can be incorporated into the campaign based on the desired communication need.

HCM Engage Campaigns range from standard new hire or open enrollment orientation to wellness initiatives and can be delivered multiple times throughout the year with different messaging depending on the audience. Each campaign delivered and is managed and tracked within the application.

Participation in the campaign is measured and reported through the reporting dashboard that re-sellers and employer client can access.


  • Delivers audience ready HR communication in minutes
  • Link to a single screen or create an entire multi-page campaign
  • Handles complex clients
  • Measure Engagement

Key Capabilities

  • Health Plan Decision Support
  • Video benefits education
  • Employee Surveys
  • Health and Wellness Campaigns
  • Open enrollment
  • New hire orientations

Leverage Great Communication

Engage’s pre-written communication and configured pages take the guess-work out of delivering the right message to the right audience. With Engage you can utilize fully built campaigns for new employees, Open Enrollment, Wellness or assemble your own. Campaigns consist of professionally written content, developed by industry experts to ensure the message is concise and on point.

A Complete Solution

With a couple of clicks you can start a pre-built campaign and connect with your audience. Employees participating in the campaign receive an invite to Engage through employer sponsored link, email or text message. Participation and completion of the campaign is measured and reported through the reporting dashboard that employers and administrators can access.

Get the Feedback You Need

With Engage you will be able to login and access the reporting dashboard. The dashboard shows up-to-date metrics on employee utilization down to the specific communication or decision support page. You can see how much time employees are spending on a page. Engage also offers a pre-built employee engagement survey which is scored and reported identifying strengths and areas of improvement.  

Enjoy Flexibility That Meets Your Requirements

No employee engagement campaign is the same in its message or audience. Engage can accommodate complexities such as employer class, different messaging, different campaigns or personalization with ease. Engage campaigns are delivered as a single screen or multiple screens based on client’s objectives. Highly flexible in their configuration, these screens can be linked directly from other payroll/HR or delivered as an entire campaign independently