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As a reseller of HCM File you will have full access to the system. You can choose to completely support and file clients on their behalf or collaborate by having them participate in the filing process. Client set up is easy can with the needed client data can be completed in minutes.

About HCM File HCM File provides a fast, flexible and affordable approach to delivering your ACA reporting all through an easy-to-use Web portal. HCM File helps guide the user through a simple client set up process accounting for key factors in the creation of the tax forms. The information required for the census upload (the second step) is normally produced by payroll or benefits system reporting. Additional information may be also be added depending on the specific needs of the employer. All work for the current reporting can be saved and reused in subsequent years saving time and effort.

HCM File

HCM File Customer Portal

Most resellers choose to open up their Client Portal. Each client will have their own customer portal where they can login, review employee forms, run and print reports and generate their eFiling and print/mail distribution, all from the same place. Access to this portal is through a private and secure login process.

HCM File Workbook

HCM File utilizes a simple MS workbook to upload the employee demographic and coverage data. After uploading the workbook, HCM processes the correct codes for forms 1094-C and 1095-C. The main requirements for the data are focused on the following key dates:

  • Date of Hire
  • Effective date of health coverage
  • Date of waiver
  • Termination or change dates
  • This information can be generated from a payroll, HRIS or health insurance carrier report and combined to populate the workbook. Workbooks are generally uploaded twice during the year; once during the initial test and a second time prior to filing.
HCM File Work Book

HCM File Summary Report

To review employee 1095-C information for accuracy before printing and filing, HCM File has a summary report that provides the required data on every employee in a concise MS Excel report. This report covers all sections of the 1095-C form and provides indicator codes and plan cost information on lines 14-16. It is normally utilized during the implementation process once the workbook is uploaded into the system.

Employee Forms Center

For employers that need to reissue an employee’s 1095-C form or make small adjustments to the employee information, the Forms Center can be a useful resource. The Employer Forms Center allows clients to search by employee and print or edit employee’s forms at any time during the year. Additional functionality will allow for last-minute edits or corrections prior to filing.

Employee form