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HR Communication

HCM Engage offers a new and innovative approach to HR communication through the easy delivery of cost effective HR communication campaigns over the Web. With minimal effort and in little time Engage can create a beautiful HR communication experience that is engaging an easy-to-follow. Engage offers several advanced features such as health plan decision support, video education, employee survey, health information and other interactive tool sets. These tools and resources can be added to the campaign based on the desired communication need.

Unlike many conventional HR and benefits communication solutions, Engage can accommodate complexities such as employer class and contribution structures with ease. Engage campaigns are delivered as a single screen or multiple screens based on client’s objectives. Highly flexible in their configuration, these screens can be linked directly from other payroll/HR or delivered as a entire campaign.

HCM Engage Campaigns range from standard new hire or open enrollment orientation to wellness initiatives and can be delivered multiple times throughout the year with different messaging depending on the audience. Each campaign delivered and is manged and tracked within the application.

Employees participating in the campaign receive an invite through employer sponsored link, email or text login to HCM Engage and complete their campaign. Participation in the campaign is measured and reported through the reporting dashboard that re-sellers and employer client can access.

Key Capabilities

  • Delivers audience ready HR communication in minutes
  • Link to a single screen or create an entire multi-page campaign
  • Handles complex clients
  • Communicate by email or text
  • Measure Engagement


  • Health Plan Decision Support
  • Video benefits education
  • Employee Surveys
  • Health and Wellness Campaigns
  • Open enrollment
  • New hire orientations