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EmployeeTech: Helping Navigate the New Challenges of a Disrupted Market

Deerfield, IL [1/28/2013] Many industries have seen their fair share of disruption.  Take for instance the way in which health benefits are purchased and delivered. In a very short time-frame we have seen more than a fair share of market influences including the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Insurance Exchanges, Wellness and HR Automation. An industry that began as brokering and selling of product has morphed into a client advisory in the areas of health and human capital strategy. Recognizing that trend in early 2013 Michael Weiskirch, a 25-year veteran of the benefits and HR automation launched EmployeeTech, a firm that advises benefit consultants and their clients in automation of HR and benefits.

EmployeeTech, named for the end client in the HR and benefits equation, focuses on helping innovative benefit advisers support some of the areas of greatest change in their business. This includes plan sponsorship, benefits delivery and HR and benefit technologies. EmployeeTech helps brokers devise a competitive technology strategy for the future while helping emerging automation needs of their customers.  In the end EmployeeTech clients will function better, expand their customer base and have happier clients

“Over the next five years we will see an overwhelming amount of change within benefit practices in response to market forces. When creating the business model for EmployeeTech I looked where the greatest disruption in this market existed and how to address these emerging changes.” States Weiskirch. “In every case the solution was centered on some form of automation or technology platform”

Seeing how to properly address this change comes from perspective. Michael Weiskirch began his career as a sales executive for two major health plans only to switch over 13 years ago to the benefits and HR technology industry. Part of the original sales team for OnlineBenefits, Weiskirch moved over to support the broker and client solutions group through two acquisitions. In 2013 he founded EmployeeTech.

EmployeeTech’s contracts directly with brokers and works closely with members of their sales and management team to build a strategic technology plan. Each plan is build around the agency’s culture, market and clients. In addition in the spring of 2012 EmployeeTech will launch their Insight Client Reporting Tool. Insight comprehensive assessment of your clients’ Benefits plans, HR Practices and employee data addressing concerns around ACA, employee turnover, wellness, benefits administration and other human capital needs.

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