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EmployeeTech Webinar addresses how deeper plan analysis can help

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About the Webinar

Understanding HR and benefits technology today requires a greater focus on compliance, especially when it comes to tracking and reporting for The ACA.  For over a year EmployeeTech has been working to provide the perfect analysis of plans in the post ACA world. With the introduction of HealthCostManager 2.0, a  comprehensive reporting solution for the analysis of workforce data, health plan sponsorship, plan costs, ACA impact, public Exchange data and much more. HCM provides this comprehensive view running hundreds of calculations to provide valuable and unique insight on plan sponsorship. The current release of HCM allows you will be able to deliver visually compelling reports to your clients and provide the analysis they need in 2015.

During this 30 minute Webinar will review HCM’s new features including two reporting formats; MS Word or MS Excel which will include powerful charts help bubbles to answer questions such as “how was this number  calculated?” It also features Kaiser Health Plan Survey Benchmark data and compares those costs against current plan offerings. We will also go over briefly, HCM File, a solution for producing reports section 6055 and 6056 which we are planning on releasing sometime in 2015.



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