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IRS has once again extended ACA forms deadline

This morning the IRS (in a notice) has delayed the deadline for providing 1095 B and C forms to employees by 30 days. The revised deadline is now Monday March 2, 2020.

Other Clarifications The IRS has also clarified in this notice the reduction of the individual penalty to $0 for 2019. At the same time, the memo confirmed that all shared responsibility requirements remain in place for employers. This includes furnishing required B forms as well as part III of the C forms and filing with the IRS. Also as part of this relief is the extension of good-faith effort into 2019. For more details see this mornings notice.

At the same time we are still waiting for the official forms to be released. Currently only Draft forms are available. You can find the draft forms here . These forms will be live in HCM file as soon as the final forms are released. NJ and DC Employees we are looking to go live with two required state-based ACA filings; New Jersey and the District of Columbia by next week. We expect others to come down the line.

We are still accepting clients for this filing season so let us know if we can help.

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